Market Leading Work Boat Hire

Our primary hire boat is the Pioner Multi.  This provides you with a well established robust and reliable workboat, and due to its unique landing craft style bow door, the Multi is an extremely versatile boat.

Efficient access to the right boat

From finding us online to receiving your final invoice, we want to make your boat hire experience both dependable and efficient.  We are aware that many customers fully understand the advantages our workboats offer and come to us for that reason.  Equally, many come to us looking for more information and guidance on the best suited equipment for your task.  We want all our customers to be happy we have delivered the optimum package for your needs.  This includes us making sure it is fully compliant with relevant safety and Maritime regulations, the boat, engine and road trailer are all fully maintained and  ready to perform to your expectations at great value, UK wide.

We know every boat is a compromise.   However, if we feel our fleet cannot offer a good option for your task, rest assured, we will let you know.

Partners with Workboat UK

Landing Craft UK are South Coast representative of Workboat UK, which gives people access to hire small workboats and marine equipment around the UK.

For more information about hiring a boat please call our MD Tony Kortens on 07747 606507 or email him on